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Paint-Your-Own Pottery

There are many stages to making a piece of pottery, and we at The Alabaster Jar want to invite you to participate in the creative process!


When a Potter 'throws' a piece of pottery out of clay, it's only the first step.  The pot is fired for the first time to change it from a soft and vulnerable piece of 'greenware' into a plain white product known as 'bisque'.  It's this bisque that we have available for you to 'paint' in our studio.


Although we call it 'painting' you don't actually use paints to decorate your pots.  Instead, we use 'underglaze', which is powdered coloured glass. Once you have painted your masterpiece we will seal it in an 'overglaze'.  When fired for a second time the glass in the glazes melt and fuse together to form a beautifully smooth and shiny finished product.  If you chose a decorative item then this ensures that from any angle your masterpiece appears at it's best. If you chose a functional piece, then this layer of hardened glaze ensures that your piece is watertight, food-safe, and hard-wearing.


Pottery has always made for a great present, but with hand decorated pieces, you can upgrade this traditional gift into a treasured keepsake.


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