Choose from a variety of clay shapes, glaze colours and the option for the imprint to be framed or hung. A single print (1 hand OR 1 foot) is £25 or a double print (2 hands OR 2 feet OR 1 hand & 1 foot) is £35. A family of imprints depends on the overall size of the finished piece. Imprints take approx. 6 to 8 weeks to produce once the hand or footprint has been taken.  We ask that for baby imprints, babies are at least 3 months old.


If you can't wait 6 weeks, hand and foot prints can be painted onto most of the pottery items we have in stock and usually take a week to be ready for collection.  Prices for these vary depending on the piece you choose.


Booking is essential, so please call us to make an appointment